How to survive a plane crash

I was seated with my parents and my older brother waiting for the doors to close so we could taxi and take off. We were leaving the lush green late winter Los Angeles area going somewhere east and cold. The cabin was dark and gloomy like an 3rd world cargo plane. People kept getting on and off the plane to stretch their legs or smoke. I decided to get off too for a while but the attractive flight attendant was just closing the door and wouldn’t let me out. She was very fed up with the impatient passengers and wasn’t having any of my tiny argument. I sat back down and before I knew it we were taking off. Something felt wrong like the plane was underpowered and we weren’t going to get off the ground in time before the runway ended. We skipped and bounced a few times before getting airborne but soon after we started to lean to one side. I looked over to the window seat and saw briefly the tip of the wing collide with a cluster of trees. Just then there was a large bang from the back of the plane as it split in half an the rear portion broke free and feel to the earth. Through squinted eyes I looked out of the new opening and could see to the left that there was a very steep lush green hillside with a body of water at the bottom. I quickly made the decision to not die in a fiery wreck but to take my chances jumping away from the doomed aircraft and my family. With one hand I unbuckled my seat belt, took one step an leaped gracefully from the fuselage out in to the sky below toward the embankment which seemed to be 500 feet away. I hit the side of the hill but because of the extreme pitch I didn’t slam with all of my body weight. Instead, I glanced the hill in many places as I traveled lower absorbing a piece of the energy with each touch of the mountain side. By the time I had gotten to the bottom I easily tumbled in to the lake on to some sort of cushy floating plant life. Aside from being wet and exhausted, I was fine. I waddled to shore and up the embankment only to see a fireball of smoke rise up from over a far away hill. A passerby helped me to my feet and asked me what was wrong. I could just barely mumble p..pp….plane crash. The next thing I knew I was awake and bandaged and being reunited with my family. My older brother was perfectly fine. Mom said she was okay but she had obviously taken a blow to the head because she didn’t seem herself. They said dad had broken ribs and a punctured lung and that it looked like he was going to die at first but that he should now pull through and be okay. It turns out by some miracle that only about 40% of the passengers had perished. I saw the flight attendant who had survived and she smiled at me. She was very attractive and I thought of

This is the dream I had on 3/5/2012

I wonder why I chose to leave my family and jump to what I thought was a better chance at survival. I wonder why everyone survived.

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